Last Man Standing

by Clancy's Ghost

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Last Man Standing Hey, what’s the craic? I can hear him ask At his favorite stool as I walk passed With a cigarette dangling from his lip And a paper and pint beside him He was calm he was cool though his throne was a stool He was king of the bar and nobody’s fool And while the others would shout and puff their chests out He held his liquor inside him Where are you Johnny, where did you go? What caused you now to be lying so low? Innocence doesn’t come it only goes But where it’s gone Johnny, the Lord only knows We’d all pass the time with a song or a rhyme The “Wild Rover” and the “Sweet Mountain Thyme” The Pistols, the Clash, the “Rum, Sodomy, and Lash” ‘Till we got the whole pub singing And the stories would flow ‘till it was time to go Or the door was locked so the cops wouldn’t know And we’d carry on ‘till the break of dawn Just to do it again the next evening CHORUS And it’s true that these days, we’ve all drifted away Engaged and married with children to raise But you carried on—now may the Lord bless you John And provide you with safe landing ‘Cause though the times have changed. like these cigarette stains That cling to these walls, the memories remain So let’s drink one more time to auld lang syne And to John the last man standing CHORUS
The Last Hurrah Me and Tom and Charlie were on our last tear Before the army took us on a plane to God knows where We were looking for a little more than our fair share The Last Hurrah Walking to the Bowery we fell into Scratchers arms Like some love-sick sailors we fell for her charms Seven shots of Powers could never do a soldier harm The Last Hurrah Too-ra-loo-ra-lay Too-ra-loo-ra-la Too-ra-loo-ra-lay The Last Hurrah Soon we met some foreign girls so we showed them all the best New York City had to offer to her out-of-town guests Until they passed out they were suitably impressed The Last Hurrah We all went for a tattoo but CHARLIE pissed and moaned So we passed a bottle round again 'till she was and stoned Now he's rolling up her sleeves to show HISå skull and cross bones The Last Hurrah Too-ra-loo-ra-lay Too-ra-loo-ra-la Too-ra-loo-ra-lay The Last Hurrah At half past four in the morning the bars had all closed down And the bums were peaking out from their holes in the ground So we drank a final toast to that dirty old town The Last Hurrah
Rave On 02:52
Rave On Rave On I was just a baby when I found my calling Kicking and screaming and bitching and balling My mother cried "Lord have pity" "But If he don't stop crying I'll sell him to the gypsies!" Chorus Rave on (rave on rave on now) Rave on (rave on rave on) Rave on (rave on rave on now) Rave on till I'm dead and gone When I was 8 my father gave me Lemonade and a shot of Jamie The room did spin and my head did pound But still I asked for another round yea Chorus And now it's older that I'm growing Piss and vinegar blood still flowing My guardian angels all have fled me Convinced the devil himself had bred me Chorus At every pub inside this town they Shout my name when I come around, hey Even the cops say “how do you do” Cause I’ve spent a little time there too, yea Chorus Hank Williams said before he died how I'll never get out of this world alive now But before St. Peter can decide my fate I'll run him down and crash the gate yea Chorus
Whenever We Might Meet Again I ain’t no rebel No angel, no devil No heartsick troubador No tortured soul With a heart of gold Looking to sleep on your floor I’m only hoping for a wink or a nod Or a smile every now and then Whenever we might Whenever we might Whenever we might meet again I’ve been around Up and down this town More times than I care to say Lived on dreams That ran out of steam Before the light of day CHORUS I’ve got no expectations But if you should stop and stay Perhaps you’ll find It was worth your time And I’ll see you again some day Now a longing grows In every man that throws A guitar over his back But in the end I don’t pretend You care all that much about that CHORUS


Most of Clancy's Ghost first release leans to their Irish side, with "The Last Hurrah", "Last Man Standing" and "Rave On" channelling The Pogues alternating tales of drinking and melancholy nostalgia. The Americana flavored, "Whenever We Might Meet Again", changes it up a bit, with dobro and a sweet mandolin solo.


released June 29, 2018

Andrew Ogilvie on lead vocals and acoustic guitar; Lance Doss on lead vocals, tenor banjo and dobro; Rick Wagner on bass and background vocals; Paul Reider on mandolin and lead vocals; Bill Gerstel on drums with Kevin Behan on tin whistle, cittern and accordion on "Last Man Standing" and tin whistle on The Last Hurrah.


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Clancy's Ghost Montclair, New Jersey

Five rock and roll veterans energized by the righteous urgency of The Clash, the ramshackle honesty of traditional Irish and American music and armed with a catalog of tough but tender tunes guaranteed to inspire the regulars at your local watering hole to both pump their fists in joy and weep unashamedly into their beers. ... more

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